ABOUT ME -   Jo-Anne Racette, Registered Massage Therapist

LIVE AND LEARN - There’s one thing that never ceases to amaze me: the longer I live, the more there is to learn. And while school provides a good foundation, it’s experience that gives it life.

In 1989, I received my master’s degree from the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Education. In 2001, I graduated from Sutherland Chan’s intensive diploma program in massage therapy where I studied anatomy, pathology, physiology, neurology and clinical studies. Since then, I’ve taken numerous advanced courses including Strain/Counterstrain techniques, Myofascial Release and Complex Decongestive Therapy.

I have a special interest in treating repetitive strain injuries, stress or anxiety-related conditions and helping women with the side effects often suffered after breast cancer treatment. People I have successfully treated include: sports enthusiasts, creative over-achievers, pregnant women, cancer survivors and many others.

My approach is individual. Every client is unique and each treatment is planned with a person’s specific needs and health history in mind. My focus is to deliver the highest standard of professional expertise while encouraging self-care and empowerment.

In 2003, I opened my own practice in the medical/professional building at Pape & Danforth. The clinic blends a professional setting with a calming and supportive atmosphere.

Call for your appointment at (416) 465-8179 ...You’ll be glad you did!

658 Danforth Avenue, Suite 409 
Toronto, ON, M4J 5B9 
Tel: 416-465-8179 
Email: info@massageondanforth.com